We provide visiting pain clinic consultations to pets and their owners, and online case reviews which can include owners and their primary veterinary surgeon.

If you are concerned that your pet is exhibiting signs of pain you may want to schedule an appointment. You can book our service either as a referral from your own veterinary surgeon, or you can book an appointment directly with us. Please have a look at our services page, then get in touch to book.

We provide appointments in client homes or referring veterinary practices (observing COVID precautions) throughout Devon and Somerset. We are soon to open our own premises as well, increasing the range of our services even further.

If you are based outside of these areas, your veterinary surgeon is welcome to approach us for advice – it is possible that we can arrange a visit, or alternatively provide a case review to discuss options for investigation and management of the problem. We also have links with other pain clinics throughout the country and may be able to recommend a more local expert.

What should you expect from a referral in pain medicine?

Ahead of your appointment, James will have reviewed your pet’s history and results of any investigations from your Veterinary Surgeon, and may also have asked you to complete some questionnaires designed to evaluate your pet’s condition. The initial consultation takes at least one hour and includes a review of current medication, physical assessment, and identification of the most likely pain-generating issues. The pros and cons of a range of potential options will be discussed – our aim is to help you make the best decision for your pet in your circumstances. In some cases, referral for advanced imaging may be the outcome, whilst in others, trial therapy based on the most likely source of pain may be most appropriate. Acupuncture and laser treatments can be provided if indicated, whilst some cases may benefit from infusions of pain-killing drugs or epidural or nerve trunk injections under sedation in collaboration with your Veterinary Surgeon. Following the consultation, a full report will be provided to you and your vet, detailing any recommended further investigations, medication, and lifestyle changes. James can provide prescriptions for any medication that is recommended.

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