Referrals in Veterinary Pain Management

Referrals in veterinary pain management

Our innovative pain clinic provides individual management plans and treatment for dogs and cats suffering from chronic pain related to conditions such as osteoarthritis and neuropathic pain.

James Hunt is one of the UK’s leading vets in the management of painful conditions in dogs and cats. For over 25 years working as a vet, pain management has been his primary interest, and he has undertaken additional training and recognition in anaesthesia, and acute and chronic pain management. Pet Pain Relief was established in 2022, initially providing care to pets in their own homes. 

Securing a premises has enabled us to expand our range of services beyond those currently available from any other centres in Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall.

Pet Pain Relief provides a visiting referral pain clinic service to your home or primary vet practice, and works closely with your regular veterinary surgeon and allied professionals to optimise pain management care.

In his spare time James can be found attempting to train his collie and golden retriever dogs.

Our commitment to you…

We will make our treatment recommendations based on what is best for your pet

James is a Recognised Specialist in Animal Welfare, Ethics, and Law, and achieving the best outcome for your pet is our primary aim. If we feel that a consultation with a surgeon or neurologist at another centre is indicated, we will advise you of this. We are an independent practice and are not focussed on business targets.

We will be open and honest with you

We will provide estimates for the costs, and make you aware of potential complications of treatment. We will seek your agreement before proceeding.

We want to communicate with you effectively

Your pet’s treatment needs teamwork from you and us. If something we have said is not clear then please let us know so that we can resolve questions as soon as possible.



James joined CAM for a chat about pain in osteoarthritis


Many thanks again, both P and I really appreciate what you are doing…it is so wonderful to have my best friend happy and enjoying life again

Miss M