Thoughts about supplements

Joint supplements are so widely available and heavily advertised that one would be forgiven for thinking their benefits in managing osteoarthritis are undoubted. But, the evidence available is mixed. The most consistent evidence demonstrates improvements in mobility in dogs with ostearthritis treated with marine sourced omega-3 fatty acids. In some studies, the addition of omega-3 fatty acids to treatment with non-steroidal drugs were associated with larger improvements than in dogs treated with non-steroidal drugs alone. However, there is still a lack of placebo controlled data therefore it can be challenging to isolate benefits ascribed to supplements. Practical advice on using arthritis supplements in animals includes

  1. Seeking veterinary advice early – licensed veterinary treatments can be highly effective and may represent a better cost/benefit than trying supplements without vet involvement
  2. Using supplements from established and trusted sources – many supplements may contain less active or lower quality forms of ingredients so try to use those that have an established presence and ideally a guaranteed certificate of analysis
  3. Supplements (and drugs) can’t replace good lifestyle changes such as providing flooring with traction, maintaining a healthy body weight, and preventing injuries through adequate warm up and cool down activity.

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