Quality of life in chronic pain

Pain is commonly considered a marker of negative welfare, and the importance of  preventing pain in animals is reflected within a number of laws in the UK e.g. the Animal Welfare Act 2006 provides a duty of care on animal owners to prevent or treat pain, suffering, injury, and disease. When we consider welfare weContinue reading “Quality of life in chronic pain”

Scents and sensibility

A recently published paper investigated links between depression and olfactory function in people. The researchers found that their data supported the hypothesis that an increase in olfactory function was associated with a decrease in depression severity. Persistent pain can impact on many different domains of life, including mobility, social and feeding behaviour, sleep, and mood.Continue reading “Scents and sensibility”

How do we interpret studies on pain in animals?

This one is a bit technical, and intended for those who are looking at and interpreting primary source papers – just some of the things I try to think about as I read them – do you agree? The expansion of studies evaluating treatment of pain in animals is a significant achievement for veterinary medicineContinue reading “How do we interpret studies on pain in animals?”

Thoughts about supplements

Joint supplements are so widely available and heavily advertised that one would be forgiven for thinking their benefits in managing osteoarthritis are undoubted. But, the evidence available is mixed. The most consistent evidence demonstrates improvements in mobility in dogs with ostearthritis treated with marine sourced omega-3 fatty acids. In some studies, the addition of omega-3Continue reading “Thoughts about supplements”

Supporting physical rehabilitation with behavioural modification

When managing painful conditions it is important to remain aware of the effects of pain on behaviour and conscious experience. By using pain-relieving medications, physical therapies, and cognitive activities we can reduce the impact of pain on quality of life. We also need to be aware that behaviours can negatively impact chronic pain conditions –Continue reading “Supporting physical rehabilitation with behavioural modification”

Getting to the point – acupuncture in dogs and cats

In the previous blog post we discussed the contribution that muscle pain can make to the overall pain experience associated with osteoarthritis. Acupuncture has been suggested to have three main benefits in the treatment of chronic pain. Firstly, by targeting the muscle trigger points, which can be identified by careful clinical examination by a veterinaryContinue reading “Getting to the point – acupuncture in dogs and cats”